Coleman D

Welcome to my demo project portfolio. Please feel free to contact me for further details about anything. Thanks for visiting!

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TypeScript Angular, Java Spring Boot, MySQL Web App

Created this small app by myself over a few weekends. The app tracks the bathroom trips taken by the family dog Matilda. It has an Angular frontend, spring boot backend, with MySQL as the database. It only takes 2 taps on the phone to add the current time to be logged.

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Node.js React, Express, and MySQL Web App

Worked on a small team to create a restaurant review web app that has a react frontend using routes, states, and bootstrap. The backend is node.js express with a MySQL database that handles REST API calls.

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HTML5 and CSS3 Design and Implementation Demo

A simple HTML/CSS demo demonstrating flexbox, grid, tables, forms, and basic JavaScript. I created the site layout designs with Adobe XD and then tried my best to recreate them with only HTML and CSS.

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Linux Kernel

Over the summer of 2022 I had the privilege of working as a Linux kernel developer mentee with the Linux foundation. This is a summary of my experience learning and working with the community.